“Politics is the art of ruling free men.” (Aristotle)

In the heart of your city, exceptional men and women inspire your people and bring your civilization to its golden age.

Choose them carefully and they will bring you greatness. Neglect them and they will end up leading rival cities!

Exceptional people

In addition to two brand new Wonders, this expansion introduces a new type of card: Leader cards. Queens, astronomers, philosophers, and generals bring an extra dimension of strategy to your games. 



49 Leader cards provide a new strategy at the start of every game.



Rome and Abu Simbel have new effects tied to Leaders.

Leaders Bonus

Leaders Bonus

If you have the Cities expansion, 6 special Leaders are included as a Bonus.

Leaders is also:

Leaders is also:

  • Very simple to add to the main game.
  • An expansion that doesn't complicate gameplay, but pushes you to try new strategies based on the Leaders you choose.
  • A way to add even more replayability to 7 Wonders.
  • Compatible with all other 7 Wonders expansions (new edition).

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