An adaptation of Time’s Up! set in the Wizarding World

Based on the game Time’s Up! Family, this adaptation of the smash-hit party game set in the Wizarding World will appeal to fans of the famous wizard, as well as those unfamiliar with the world of magic.

With 3 difficulty levels in the game, everyone can enjoy Time’s Up! Harry Potter!

Time’s Up! is a game played in teams over 3 rounds. During each round, guess as many cards as possible!

Time's Up! Harry Potter

Time's Up! Harry Potter

Make your teammates guess characters, spells, creatures, and a wide range of other words from the Wizarding World!

With 3 types of cards (“student,” “professor,” and “headmaster”), everyone can have fun depending on their familiarity with the Wizarding World.

How to play Time's Up! Harry Potter?

Distribute 30 cards between players. Each player secretly looks at their cards. If they don’t like a card (too complex, unfamiliar…), they can exchange this card with a new one.

When everyone has read their cards, make a deck with everyone’s cards. Shuffle them. Then choose which team will start.


You have 30 seconds to say whatever you want to make your team guess the card. As soon as the card is guessed correctly, put the card face up on the table, and start describing the next card.


“It’s Harry Potter’s owl”

  • Dobby™?
  • Scabbers?
  • Hedwig™!

When all cards have been guessed, play continues to the second round.


Take the 30 cards from the last round and shuffle them. This time, you can only say a single word! Your teammates can only make one guess!!




Take the 30 cards from the last round and shuffle them. From now on, you can only give clues through charades!


The game is over!

The team who guessed the most cards during all three rounds wins the game.

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