When I Dream Take the time to dream! When I Dream
When I DreamNight has fallen and you fall asleep peacefully. When I Dream
When I DreamIt’s the perfect occasion for dream spirits
to visit you and influence your dream for better or worse...When I Dream
When I DreamListen to the voices of the Fairies,
but beware of the Boogeymen and the Sandmen.When I Dream
When I DreamAt the break of dawn,
will you remember your dream?When I Dream

When I Dream

is a dreamlike game in which the players in turn take on the role of a dreamer.
The dreamer will have to guess as many words as possible over the course of a night represented by a timer.

The other players take on the role of dream spirits. There are 3 different spirits:







At the end of the round,
the dreamer will recount their dream for the other players...
Then the roles change and a new turn begins...



1 bed,

1 board,

1 mask,

1 timer,

110 Dream cards, with 220 illustrations,

11 Dream Spirit cards,

104 Point tokens,

1 rule booklet