City Of Horror

Hell is other people
Strategic games
90 min.

City of Horror is a game of survival and negociations in a world full of zombies. 

Your small city is besieged by zombies coming out of nowhere. You have taken refuge in a building with other survivors but the zombies have noticed you and you are surrounded. They need one thing: fresh human meat. To have a chance to survive, you need to give them what they want. You and your companions must find a victim among the living to sate their voracious hunger. As you are not ready to sacrifice yourself, you will have to convince your friends that you're not the best choice for zombie meat. Morally, it's not an easy situation to live with, but better guilty than eaten by zombies, right?

Each player controls several characters, and every turn, players move them to different places in the city, like the bank, the hospital, or the church. Each location can be attacked by zombies when the conditions are met. When that happens, characters in the location will use a voting system to choose a victim from their ranks, a sacrifice who will be devoured by zombies.

But the characters are not entirely helpless. A rescue team will drop equipment that the survivors can use to battle the undead. The equipment, of course, must be shared, again employing a voting system to determine who winds up with the life-saving gear.

At the end of the fourth turn, the rescue team finally arrives. The player with the most points from living characters and equipment is the winner.

Box City Of Horror
Nicolas Normandon
Miguel Coimbra
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