Ghost Stories - Black Secret

Unleash the evil inside you
Strategic games
90 min.

If you thought Wu-Feng was too weak for you, you are going to change your mind... because you are Wu-Feng!

The Catacombs of the village hide the three urns containing the Ashes of Wu-Feng. The Lord of the Nine Hells has decided to claim them once and for all. Already, his demons slither through the tunnels, searching the ancestral land with their black claws. It is imperative that these cursed relics remain buried, or the world of the living will end...

This second expansion for Ghost Stories, Black Secret, offers one player the chance to take on the role of Wu-Feng in opposition to the courageous Taoists who are defending the cursed village. In addition to his Ghosts, Wu-Feng will also be able to call upon the fearsome Demons to search the Catacombs and also throw Curses on the Taoists. To face the new threat, the Taoists have the benefit of new weapons, the Bloody Mantras and the Blood Brother ability. Their victory condition remains unchanged: all of Wu-Feng’s incarnations must be exorcised...

Box Ghost Stories - Black Secret
Antoine Bauza
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