Ghost Stories - White Moon

The white moon is your friend
Strategic games
90 min.

The villagers need you... more than ever !

This night will not be like the others: unmoving, the white moon bathes darkness with its unsettling paleness. Within the village's walls, the defenseless inhabitants shudder. From their nearby hiding places, the Beast-men of the Lord of the Nine Hells are getting impatient, goaded by the scent of human flesh. The Taoists will have their hands full and the help of the mysterious Su-Ling and her Moon Crystals will be most welcome... 

White Moon is the first expansion for Ghost Stories. The players will have to defend the poor villagers, because their loss is a new way of loosing. The village tiles shelter the villagers who can be transported by the taoist priests to the Portal where they can take cover. When an entire family has been rescued, the players have an advantage but when a villager dies, the have a penalty. Su-Ling, ghost of a deceased young girl, will help the priests by neutralizing the ghost abilities. With new ghost abiliites, new ghosts, and new Wu-Feng incarnations, your games will never be the sames.

Box Ghost Stories - White Moon
Antoine Bauza
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