Terror in Meeple City

Throw yourself into the fray! But watch your teeth, you're not the only monster in town!
Family games

Four hungry monsters descend to Meeple City to demolish the town. Bursted out, they tear apart the asphalt, they hurl cars and destroy buildings. The innocent people who did not have time to escape are devoured. But the monsters take care of their body and ensure to eat different people: hero, journalists, servicemen, blondes, businessmen, old men. No one will escape their cravings!

Whoever has caused the most damage to the end of the carnage will be the winner! But beware, monsters have more than one trick up their sleeve! Their personalities and their super powers are valuable assets in this race to destruction!

Terror in Meeple City, previously known as Rampage, is an action family game in 3D for 2 to 4 monsters.

Box Terror in Meeple City
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