So Clover!

Link them all!
30 min.

How to play?

So Clover! is a cooperative thought association game. You all play together to get the best score possible.

Get your Keywords and secretly write, on your clover-shaped pad, the commonalities linking them; these are your Clues. Then, together, try to find the Keywords of each player.

At the end of the game, tally your score depending on the number of Keywords found and write on the Table of Legends. Try to improve your score each game!

Game mechanics Cooperative, Word-based gameplay, Idea association
Box So Clover!

Box Contents

  • 220 cards
  • 6 pads
  • 6 erasable felt pens
  • 1 table of legends
  • 1 rulebook
François Romain
Release date
  • Cooperative party game
  • Simultaneous gameplay
  • Quick games
  • Very simple rules